Spring Competitions – Private Shallow Dolphin Experience at Dolphin Marine Magic

Win an Amazing Private Shallow Dolphin Experience (up to 4 participants) at Dolphin Marine Magic

For your chance to win a private shallow dolphin experience for up to 4 participants simply write in to: info@coffscoastchild.com.au and tell us in 25 words or less why you would like your family to interact with the dolphins. Total prize value $660.

Maybe used any time of the year (excluding school holidays). Voucher must be used within 12 months of activation. Prize not redeemable for cash. For full terms and conditions please see below:

Terms & Conditions

Checklist for Dolphin and Seal Experiences

Dolphin Marine Magic must ask the following questions and advise you of the terms and conditions of the encounter to ensure the

enjoyment and safety of both our guests and our animals. Giving false or misleading answers may result in the cancellation or

rescheduling of your interaction on the day for safety reasons.

 Women MUST NOT Be Pregnant

 If participants have any Medical Conditions or Disabilities, Please contact

Bookings as soon as possible, on (02) 6659 1910.

Some Medical Conditions and Disabilities may result in participants unable to do experience.

Please be Sure To:

Remove ALL jewellery before experience.

Footwear Must be worn at all times whilst in the park

If wearing sunscreen please apply 2 hours before the experience and all other lotions must be minimised for the animal’s


Participants must not have any open cuts or infections, as it could affect whether or not you can enter the water.

Hair must be worn down with no hair bands, clip or other hair fasteners. If there are beads in the hair, a swimming cap must

be worn, supplied by the participant.

No alcohol or recreational drugs to be consumed 12hrs before the experience. Persons who are under the influence will not

be permitted in the water. No refund will be given.

Towels are not included in experiences; please be sure to bring one along.

Participants may need to wear a wet suit through the cooler months (May – Oct). Participants can bring their own, or hire

one from the Jetty Dive Centre @ $15 each (6651 1611, 398 Harbour Dr, Open 8.30am – 5pm daily) which guests will have

to pick up before sign in. Through the colder months (1st May – 20th September 2014), Dolphin Marine Magic will cover the

wetsuit hire charge. Guests must collect a coupon from DMM and present this coupon at Jetty Dive Centre to

receive their wetsuit. Please allow at least 30 minutes before sign in to arrange the wetsuit.

Gift Vouchers are available for extensions, if voucher is still within use date. If Gift Voucher is extended, no further

extensions or refunds will be available.

Once a Gift Voucher has expired, there can be no extensions or refunds.

Once voucher is booked if cancelled outside of 24 hours it can return to original voucher with the same expiry date. If the

cancellation is made within 24hrs of the booked date, no voucher or refund will be issued. Postponements within the 24hrs

will be considered as a cancellation.

Dolphin Marine Magic reserves the right to cancel the booking with out notification due to safety reasons, for example if

there is hail or lightening or if the trainers feel it is unsafe for the guest or animals. We will return it back into a gift voucher

with an expiry date of 12 months from the day we cancel.

All experiences Dolphin Marine Magic provides will proceed on the day in rainy or bad weather. No refunds or changes are

permitted on the day due to this occurring.


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