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Milo Cricket – Contacts and Numbers

Please see  for great information on the Milo Cricket program Contact your nearest MILO Centre for session days and times   Coffs Colts MILO in2CRICKET Contact Name: Matthew Rose Email: Phone: 0423 613 820   Diggers MILO in2CRICKET

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The Spectacular Coffs Coast


“One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish” this famous quote from a childhood nursery rhyme could easily be used to describe the fascinating underwater world of the Coffs Coast. With over 550 species of fish and 90 different kinds

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Sports and the Importance of Keeping Children Active

Being physically active is not only lots of fun, but crucial for a child’s physical development and good health. It also creates opportunities to make new friends, encourage confidence and independence. The National Physical Activity Recommendations for Children, set by

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Green Time Is Growing Time

The humble outdoors provides children with a perfect learning and growing environment. Sadly, many children today are spending more time playing indoors and less time exploring and playing in the yard, in the bush, at the beach and by the

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Off To School

It’s the time of year when hundreds of children across the Coffs Coast start preparations for the introduction to primary school. There may be feelings of excitement, apprehension and fear. For many, this will be the first time away from

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Early Childhood Education and Care

If you have a young child in your family, you may be starting to think of their education and care needs for the coming year. You or your partner may be returning to work, or your child may be approaching

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